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Beeswax, N.F. Yellow

Beeswax remains an indispensable raw material for many finished products after thousands of years of use because of its unique chemistry. It has a highly complex composition with a soft pliable nature. That is why Koster Keunen continues to explore the world to find the best resources to produce the finest organic and natural wax.

Beeswax produces creamy textures in a variety of cosmetic applications. In emulsions, the free fatty acids can be used to make in-situ emulsifiers, improving emulsion stability and texture.

Formulators use it in depilatories, furniture polishes, wood and leather polishes, textile, wood and paper finishes, candles, moldings, lubricants, industrial applications, creams, lotions, lipsticks, cold creams, color, cosmetics, emulsions, hair care, ointments, salves and pharmaceutical excipients.

For each of your applications, we guarantee consistent quality and availability by careful blending of selected waxes. Quality is strictly controlled in our modern production facilities as well as in our well-equipped laboratory.

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