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Beet Root Powder


This powder has an intense, pinkish color and what is described as a very mild and earthy flavor. It is easily soluble in water or juice and contains no additives. 

Much like turmeric, this powder has the ability to stain both fabrics and surfaces. Please use care when opening. Should you need to wash out a stain, acting quickly is important. Pre-treating the garment or surface with a white vinegar solution or baking soda is recommended.


Provided that dosages are adhered to, beetroot powder is safe to consume with little to no side effects. Beets have been previously linked to low calcium levels and potential kidney damage. If either of these two are of concern, discuss supplementation with a doctor. No data has been recorded regarding use during nursing or pregnancy; although beetroot has been determined likely safe, women should also speak with a physician before use. 

The natural bright pigment in beets may cause stool to turn red for a few days after consumption-- this is a common and harmless side effect. Under no circumstances should beetroot powder be used as a supplement for blood pressure medication without the monitoring and approval of a certified physician.

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