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Best Cooking Pulses (BCP) Whole & Split Pulses


Best Cooking Pulses (BCP) is known throughout the world for naturally polished high-quality green and yellow split peas, and as a trusted supplier of cleaned peas, beans, chickpeas and lentils. Taking the BEST of the prairies to the world. 

At the Avena Foods Rowatt facility, we split and polish green and yellow peas, and clean and bag whole peas, chickpeas and lentils for domestic and export markets. These are sold under the Best Cooking Pulses label which is recognized as a quality brand worldwide.

Dry field peas, lentils, and chickpeas, all non-GMO, are purchased from our growers with whom we have strong relationships.

The Best Cooking Pulses proprietary splitting method results in high quality, fast-cooking peas for canning, and super-polished split peas for retail markets. This pea splitting facility has been certified-organic (COS) for over 26 years, supplying customers across the world.

  • Green Split Peas: Whole green peas are de-hulled, split and naturally polished for an even, bright colour. We use bleach resistant varieties
  • Yellow Split Peas: Bright whole yellow peas that polish well are de-hulled and split, ensuring a product with excellent appearance
  • Whole Green Peas: Bright Green with a green cotyledon. We use bleach resistant varieties, sized according to the customer’s specifications
  • Whole Yellow Peas: Whole Yellow Peas with a cream-colored seed coat and a bright yellow cotyledon
  • Laird Lentils: Large lentil, round in shape, with green seed coat, and yellow cotyledon (inner seed)
  • Richlea Lentils: Medium lentil, round in shape, with green seed coat, and yellow cotyledon (inner seed)
  • Eston Lentils: Small lentil, round in shape, with green seed coat, and yellow cotyledon (inner seed)
  • French Green Lentils: Small to medium sized lentil, seed coat is slate green in color with marbled specks of slate blue, and yellow cotyledon

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