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BettHer® (Beta-Glucan Powder/Liquid Solution)

BettHer®  a patented product of Newgen Biotech® USA Inc, is an extracellular beta 1,3/1,6 glucan extracted from marine source. It is a unique water-soluble and electric neutral form thus making it a superior beta glucan for applications in cosmetics & personal care. Due to it's wide pH/Temp range as well as deep penetration, and also due to its unique anti-allergic nature, BettHer is a must have in all skin care products. It's water soluble composition allows you to use a 1,3/1,6 in clear lubricants and in sprays now. Newgen Biotech's powder Beta Glucans, Mushroom, Yeast as well as BettHer®, marine source, have application in many industries, such as food and dietary supplements.


  • Moisturizing agent
  • Applicable to moisturizing products
  • Suitable for lotions, gels, essences, toner, emulsions, lubricants & creams, & because it is 100% water soluble ideal for sprays
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