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We have developed powdered all-in compounds with many advantages for the simple production of fruity refreshing drinks.

Beverage variety with appeal on many levels

Fruity refreshing drinks are one of the fastest growing categories on the international beverage market. Our new all-in compounds offer measurable cost advantages for manufacturers and make it possible to create products with mouth feel, colour, flavour and viscosity that appeal to consumers.

With its Stabifruit line of all-in compounds, Hydrosol offers an attractive solution for making trendy refreshing drinks. These functional systems are presented in powder form, so they feature high storage stability along with optimum handling. As water-free formulations, they are microbiologically safer than fruit juice concentrates. They are also lighter than juices and concentrates, making them more economical to transport.

Naturally these compounds are free of preservatives. They are easy to use, and with just small dosages give refreshing fruity drinks with the mouth feel, colour, flavour and viscosity that the market is looking for. Individual components like the fruit content can be varied. The sugar content can be reduced without impacting the quality of the beverage, and these all-in compounds can also be enriched with vitamins and minerals to individual order. All this gives manufacturers a custom beverage concept from a single source. A wide portfolio of fruit flavours is available, from orange, peach and mango to raspberry, banana and currant.

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