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More than ten years of research and experience allow us to offer highly stable systems for the beverages and refreshments industry which help improve the final characteristics of the product. Our research and development department has developed products which provide creaminess, texture, stability, emulsion, turbidity, pH stabilization, and delicious natural flavor to drinks or refreshments. We offer systems such as stabilizers, powdered fruits, turbidity agents, foaming and antifoaming agents, sweetener systems to reduce sugar, creaminess agents, and high-stability nanoemulsions. As an alternative to dairy drinks, we have developed powdered non-dairy drinks (White line), of easy preparation. They just require the addition of water for their consumption. In this line you can find drinks with the highest consumption trends such as soy, rice, quinoa, and almond milks, shakes, fruit drinks, nutritional drinks based on milk or water for pasteurization processes and UHT. They may be developed by our RDI department for you.

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