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Bimuno® DAILY


Bimuno® DAILY Prebiotic Powder has been specifically developed as a daily supplement for individuals who wish to support their gut health and overall well-being.

This soluble, tasteless Galactooligosaccharide containing powder is an ideal addition to everyday food and drink, developed for individuals who wish to maintain a healthy digestive balance and general wellbeing. Each pack contains 30 soluble powder sachets.


Increases good gut bacteria

Scientific studies have demonstrated that Bimuno users can expect a significant increase in the numbers of ‘friendly’ bacteria in their digestive system within just 7 days.

Supports digestive balance

As well as increasing ‘friendly’ gut bacteria Bimuno also reduces so called ‘bad’ bacteria including those that produce excessive levels of gas. Re-balancing the gut microflora in this way leads to improved intestinal balance.

General wellbeing

The gut is central to a wide range of bodily functions. Many regular users of Bimuno have also reported feeling lighter and more energetic.

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