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Bimuno® IBAID


Bimuno® IBAID (Intestinal Bifidobacteria Aid) has been specially developed with an optimum dose for people experiencing IBS symptoms.

Ask anybody who has suffered from gut health concerns and they will tell you that good digestive health is essential to their quality of life. Bimuno® IBAID provides an optimum dose of unique galacto-oligosaccharides for those with specific digestive health concerns. Each pack contains 30 chewable pastilles.


Feel the difference

Bimuno® IBAID increases ‘good’ gut bacteria IBAID whilst also reducing gas producing ‘bad’ bacteria, resulting in a healthier intestinal balance and maintained gut comfort.

Scientifically tested

Three human studies have shown that Bimuno® IBAID can actively help to support intestinal comfort.

An ideal format

When you’re suffering serious gut health concerns having a discreet and practical chewable pastille that really works is invaluable.

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