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Bimuno® Syrup


A pourable Galactooligosaccharide containing syrup produced using Clasado’s proprietary enzyme system.

Bimuno-GOS® (B-GOS®) is available as a pourable, sweet, light yellow coloured syrup containing >57% GOS by dry weight with excellent heat, acid and microbiological stability. As well, as being suitable for a wide range of human food and supplement uses the syrup is Halal and Kosher certified.


Powerful bifidogenic prebiotic 

Provides the most powerful bifidogenic effect of any commercially available prebiotic significantly increasing beneficial Bifidobacteria in the gut within just 7 days.

Scientifically tested benefits

A range of digestive and immune health benefits have been demonstrated using Bimuno-GOS® in published peer-reviewed human studies.

Second generation effects

Exhibits anti-pathogenic functionality not demonstrated in other prebiotics.

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