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Bitter Sophora Root Extract_Plant Extract,Plant Extracts Innovator,Naturalin Bio-Resources Co., Ltd

Bitter Sophora Root Extract

Bitter Sophora Root Extract Naturalin Code:NAT-026 Product Specification:20% ~98% Matrines & Oxymatrine Plant Source Latin Name: Sophora Flavescens Ait. Test Method:HPLC We're here to help: Easy ways to get the answers you need. Send E-mail Get Price (※ Click this button to inquiry) ■Product describtion Introduction: Bitter Sophora Root contains about a dozen alkaloids, with matrine and oxymatrine being by far the highest, together comprising about 2% of the dried root stock (most of it in the form of oxymatrine), followed by closely related alkaloids: mainly sophocarpine, but also minute amounts of sophoranol, sophoramine, sophoridine, allomatrine, isomatrine, and others. These alkaloids were first reported as constituents of kushen in a series of publications from 1958-1978.An overview of recent research on the pharmacology and clinical applications of the sophora alkaloids is presented below. In general, the dosage of the sophora alkaloids administered clinically is in the range of 400-600 mg per day.

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