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Black Soybean Hull Anthocyanins

Black Soybean

75% polyphenols powder (UV), 
=15% anthocyanins.

Health Benefits:
Eye, Brain, Liver Health, Immune System, Joint Health, Weight Management


Black Soybean Hull (BSH) Polyphenols from Global Natural Products Pioneer BGG have a powerful Antioxidant Effect due to their high content of polyphenolic compounds, especially Anthocynins. 

Anthocyanins are a group of Flavonoids. The coating present on Black Soybeans (Black Soybean Hulls) has been found to be rich in properties that BGG has found, through a proprietary process and a special way to extract, thereby preserving and maintaining their original potency and maximizing their properties. These properties principally are Cyanidin-3-Glucoside (C3G), Delphinidin-3-Glucoside (D3G) and Petunidin-3-Glucoside (Pt3G). 

In this introduction, BGG’s proprietary and patented process to produce Black Soybean Hull Polyphenols will be referred to as BGG-BSHP.

Black Soybean Hulls have been used widely as natural health food ingredient. It is well recorded that Anthocynins have chemical benefits that can prevent coronary heart disease and many circulatory disorders, and can be positive in anti-cancer and anti-inflammatory applications; even as a tool for anti-aging.

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