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WPIA Packaging – WPIA


Standard to custom, we know blisters For products that need individual protection or are intended to be marketed as a stand-alone unit, blister packs are the answer. Blisters are commonly used to package pharmaceuticals and nutritional supplements, as they provide increased barrier-protection and a degree of tamper resistance to the product. A blister package consists of a formed piece of PVC plastic bonded to an adhesive coated paper or foil backing. The backing is manufactured specifically for blister packaging and printed using special wax-free inks. The PVC plastic is formed using tooling specific to your requirements, creating the desired blister pattern. Once the plastic is formed, the product is inserted into the cavities and the card is prepared for foil application. The plastic and foil are joined together at the sealing station where heat and pressure are applied. This process activates the adhesive on the face of the foil and creates a bond between the PVC plastic and the foil backing, producing a finished blister product. WePackItAll® offers multiple types of blister packs, as well as custom card layouts, mixed/multiple product packs, and special cavity shapes. We have a complete machine shop in-house and can design and build all of our own tooling on the premises. No matter what type of blister packaging you need or how unique the project, WePackItAll® knows blisters.

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