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Botanical Extracts, Astaxanthin, Fuciodan, Hyaluronic Acid, Chondroitin Sulphate

Botanical Extracts

Botanical Extracts 5-HTP Griffonia simplicifolia Extract 98% HPLC Achyranthes Bidentata Bl.Extract 5:1 TLC Alfalfa Extract 5:1 Almond Extract 5:1/10:1 American Ginseng Extract Andrographis Paniculata Andrographolide 5% HPLC Angelica Extract(Dong Quai) Ligustilide 1%/10:1 Artichoke Powder Extract 4:1 TLC Astragalus Extract Polysaccharides 20% ,50% UV Atractylodes lancea Extract 10:1 TLC Avena Sativa Extract 10:1 TLC Baikal skullcap Extract Baicalin 30% UV BaJiTian (Morinda officinalis How) Extract 5:1 TLC Bamboo Leaves Flavones 24%, 30%,35%, 50% UV Bamboo shoot Extract 10:1 Basil Powder Extract Alkaloids 0.2%,0.3%HPLC Bayberry Bark Extract Myricetin 80% HPLC Bearberry (Urva-Ursi) Extract 5:1 Berberis vulgaris(barberry) Extract 6:1 Birch Tree Leaf Extract 4:1 Bilberry Extract Anthocyandins 25% UV Bitter Melon Powder Extract 10:1 Black Currant Anthocyandins 25% UV

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