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Botanical Extracts – Umalaxmi

Botanical Extracts

Adhatoda Vasica 2%-4% Alkoloids, 1%-2% Vascine Chronic Bronchitis, Anti-spasmodic, Anthelmiinlic Aegele Marmelos Upto 10% Tannins Laxative, Anti-Dysentric Aloe Vera 200:1. Upto 50% Polysaccharides Cosmeceuticals & Adaptogen Amla (Phyllanthus emblica) Upto 45% Total hydrolyzable Tannins by litrallico, Upto 45% Polypheriols by UV Anti – Oxidant, Astringent Anacyclus Pyrethrum 0.5% Alkaloids Stimulant, Aphrodisiac Andrographis Paniculata 10%, 50% Andrographaloids by HPLC Hepatoprotective, Anti – Pyretic Arjuna 10%. 20% Tannins by Titration, 0.5% Arjunolic Acids Cardio Tonic 8 Diuretic Ashwagandha 1.5%, 2.5% Withanoloides by HPLC 596 8% Withanoloidin by Gravirnetric Promotes Vigor & Vitality, Adaptogen Bacopa Monnieri 11:1%, 20% Bacosides by HPLC 50% Bacosaponirks by Gravimetric Brain/ Nerve Tonic. Anti • Stress Bamboo 75% Silica Anti – Ageing, Bone Health Banaba 1%2% Corsolic acid by HPLC, UV Weight loss Anti-Diabetic Bauhinia Purpurea 20% Tannins by Titration Anti-bacterial, Anti-Inflamatory Berberis Aristata 8% Berbenne Anti-Bacterial, Carminative Berginia Ligulata 10% Tannins by Titration Diuretic Bitter melon 3%,10%,12% Bitters by Gravimetric O.5%-1% Charantin by HPLC Anti- Diabetic, Anti – Parkinsons Black Pepper 2%. 95% Piperine by HPLC Upto 10% Pipeline water soluble Nutrient, Bio-Availability Enhancer Diuretic Boerhaavia Diffusa 2%, 10% Bitters by Gravimetric +lye for Alkaloids Diuretic, Anti-oxidant Boswellia Serrata 6

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