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Botanicals — Pure Ground Ingredients


Botanical Product Listings Elder Berries      Sambucas nigra Elder Berries Sambucas nigra Each of our products is guaranteed & documented to meet quality standards, as designated: Certified Organic (OG) / Fair Trade (FT) / Pesticide Report (P) / Certificate of Analysis (C) Non-GMO (N-GMO) / Kosher Certified (K) Alfalfa Leaf Medicago sativa OG, P, C, N-GMO, K Arthchoke Leaf Cynara cardunculus OG, P, C, N-GMO, K Astragulus Root Astragulus membranaceaus OG, P, C, N-GMO, K Birch Leaves Betula pendula folium OG, P, C, N-GMO, K Bilberry Leaf Vaccinium myrtillus OG, P, C, N-GMO, K Blackberry Leaf Rubus ideas, fructus OG, P, C, N-GMO, K Blessed Thistle Cnicus benedictus OG, P, C, N-GMO, K Buckthorne Rhamnus frangula OG, P, C, N-GMO, K Burdock Root Arctium lappa root OG, P, C, N-GMO, K Calendula Calendula officinalis OG, P, C, N-GMO, K

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