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Botanicals & Herbal Extracts

Product Name:  Acerola Berry

Latin Name:  Malpighia glabra

Composition:20-25% Vitamin C


Product Name: Alpha Lipoic Acid

Composition: 99% Putiry


Product Name: Amla (Indian Gooseberry)

Latin Name: Emblica officinalis

Composition: 40% Total Tannins/1-1.5% Vitamin C


Product Name:  Ashwagandha

Latin Name: Withania somnifera

Composition:1.5% Withanolides, 1% Alkaloids


Product Name: Bacopa Monnieri/Brahmi

Latin Name: Bacopa monnieri

Composition: 1%, 20% Total Bacosides


Product Name: Banaba

Latin Name: Lagerstroemia speciosa

Composition: 1%, 2% Total Corosolic Acid


Product Name: Boswellia Serrata

Latin Name: Boswellia serrata

Composition: 35-40% Total Boswellic Acids
65% -70% Total Organic Acids

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