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  • Increases cerebral blood flow
  • Promotes the permeability of blood-brain barrier
  • Improves nutritional blood flow of myocardium
  • Supports immune function


Breviscapine is a natural compound extracted from Erigeron Breviscapus (Vant.) Hand.-Mazz., which is a Chinese herbal medicine that has been in use for the treatment of paralysis, rheumatism, gastritis, toothache, and fever for more than 600 years. It has been found only in China, in the provinces of Guangxi, Guizhou, Hunan, Sichuan, Tibet, and Yunnan.


Breviscapine is a crude extract of several flavonoids of Erigeron breviscapus.

Our breviscapine contains more than 98% of scutellarin, which has been traditionally used in China as an activating blood circulation medicine to improve cerebral blood supply.

The use of breviscapine for the treatment of hypertension, cerebral embolism, and paralysis due to cerebrovascular accident dates back to the 1970s. Recent studies have suggested that breviscapine can be used to treat cerebral infarction and diabetic nephropathy.

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