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Bright-Poly Capsules

Conventional & Organic versions:

Now, we offer Bright-Poly Capsules in both Conventional and Certified Organic version. 
We made the world's first NOP certified organic Capsules: Bright-Poly Organic.
Comparing with conventional Bright-Poly capsules, our Bright-Poly Organic capsules are made from certified organic pullulan, and using NOP conforming processing aid. All other characteristics of our Bright-Poly Organic are same as our conventional Bright - Poly capsules.

Dissolution and functionalities:

Our research scientists have studied and compared our Bright -poly capsules with gelatin capsules for dissolution and functionality. Their conclusion is that Bright-poly pullulan capsules perform almost identical to gelatin capsules in terms of functionalities. 
Detailed summary report of these studies is available to R&D scientists, please contact us to obtain.

Attractive appearance of Bright-Poly:

Bright-Poly capsules are very attractive in appearance.
Imangine, how beautiful your finished products could look like.
Imagine, how satisified your customers are, and how much you can improve your company image. 

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