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While our BSCG Certified Drug Free® program provides the security that hidden drugs are not present, the BSCG Certified Quality™ program focuses instead on ingredient identity, label claim verification, and contaminant testing in dietary supplements and natural products. The purpose of standard operating procedures and GMP requirements is to create a consistent manufacturing process and finished product, but only analytical testing can verify the quality specifications along the way. The BSCG Certified Quality™ program accomplishes this through independent third-party certification that is represented by our gold standard seal.

In the BSCG Certified Quality™ program, representative items are tested and compared to quality specifications. In the case of finished products, one or two nutritional markers are evaluated. For raw material / ingredient certification, the identity and specifications of the ingredient are assessed. Facility certification involves testing representative products and ingredients to ensure they meet defined quality specifications. Along with verifying quality specifications, our BSCG Certified Quality™ program also includes testing to establish that harmful levels of environmental contaminants including heavy metals, pesticides, solvents, and microbiological agents are not present.

To ensure that what is listed on a dietary supplement label is what is in the package, quality has to be infused at every step of the process from raw materials, to manufacturing and ultimately to the finished product. Supplement quality control often happens behind the scenes, leaving consumers to wonder about what they are really buying. We developed the BSCG Certified Quality™ program to provide ingredient identity, label claim verification, and contaminant testing in dietary supplements and natural products and enable the quality standard to be showcased through display of our gold-standard seal.

To find high quality dietary supplements and natural products that you can trust, look for the BSCG Certified Quality™ seal.

For more information on identity and label claim certification for dietary supplements and natural products with our BSCG Certified Quality™ program, please visit our details and process page.

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