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Butylscopolamine - Botanical Ingredient - Linnea


Butylscopolamine HYOSCINE-BUTYLBROMIDE (EP) EP DMF Linnea extracts and manufactures Butylscopolamine as a botanical ingredient for pharmaceutical purposes. One of the earliest alkaloids to be isolated from plant sources is Scopolamine, which has been in use since it was isolated by the German scientist Albert Ladenburg in 1880. The use of various preparations from its plant-based form is learnt from the healing arts of some of the world’s oldest cultures and perhaps even pre-historic times. In India Ancient Hindu physicians knew of the antispasmodic effects of a relative of the Duboisia shrub. In the search for a safe and effective treatment for abdominal pain and cramp, scientists based at Ingelheim prepared a semisynthetic derivative from the extract of elite Duboisia plants grown in greenhouses. This molecule, Butylscopolamine, was free of the undesirable side-effects on the central nervous system, typical of Scopolamine, and the medication, on sale since 1952, was immediately recognized as a safe and effective antispasmodic. Today, Butylscopolamine, also known as Scopolamine butylbromide, butylhyoscine or hyoscine butylbromide, is the world’s leading and most trusted treatment for pain and discomfort caused by muscle spasms and cramps. It cannot be considered an analgesic in the normal sense, in that it does not ‘mask’ or ‘cover’ the pain, but rather works to prevent the pain from occurring in the first place.

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