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Perfima. Advanced coating.

Conceived to provide the highest efficiency in the field of automatic equipment, PERFIMA guarantees remarkable performance with all processes. Also suitable for containment installations, the machine reduces operator exposure while working with HAPI.

PERFIMA is a perforated coating pan for tablet film and sugar coating. The shape of the pan combined with the mixing baffles positioned in the central sector of the drum ensure perfect mixing of the cores allowing a wide range of batches to be processed in the same drum: from 25% to 100% pan capacity.


Perfima highlights

1 – Position and dimension of the outlet air duct designed to guarantee uniform drying of the cores, thus saving energy.

2 – Automatic product loading and discharging systems.

3 – Complete isolation of all machine parts in contact with the product.

4 – Easy inspection through the front and side doors.

5 – Through-the-wall machine installation.

6 – Automatic Clean In Place system validated in collaboration with the University of Parma.

7 – XIMA HMI for enhanced usability: the synoptic plays a strategic role in improving operators’ efficiency.


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