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Practica. Engineered simplicity is hard to beat.

Simple, reliable and effective, PRACTICA is the unbeatable answer to a wide variety of straightforward capsule filling requirements. A competitive solution in terms of speed, precision and ease of use.

A combination of IMA Active’s technological expertise and understanding of industry requirements, PRACTICA guarantees high reliability in processing granules, powder or pellets.

Remarkable for its practicality, PRACTICA stands out for its excellent accessibility. A smart design leads to great accessibility: straightforward operations, easy inspection and cleaning.


Practica highlights

1 – Single product dosing: designed to dose powder/granules or, alternatively, pellets with very high accuracy.

2 – User-friendly: skilled operators are not required to run this capsule filler.

3 – Interactive and intuitive HMI, compliant with 21 CFR part 11 rules and GAMP 5 guidelines.

4 – Statistic weight-checking unit for production monitoring and automatic machine self-adjustment available upon request.


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View this product at