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C8Vantage™ The Optimized MCT What is C8Vantage™? C8Vantage™ is a revolutionary medium-chain triglyceride that maximizes the production of ketones and delivers increased energy, mental clarity, appetite control and performance. C8Vantage™ is produced from natural palm oil and utilizes a proprietary technology that removes the majority of C10, C12 and long chain fatty acids. As a result, C8Vantage™ delivers pure caprylic acid (C8), which results in the highest production of ketone bodies. How does C8Vantage™ work? MCT produces a ketone called beta-hydroxybutyrate in human body through beta-oxidation process. This ketone provides pure energy to fuel the human brain and muscles. C8Vantage™ is the most efficient MCT form to produce ketones. Benefits of C8Vantage™ 1. Provides maximum ketogenic effect. 2. Increases Satiety and Reduces Food Intake. 3. Provides maximum ketogenic effect. 4. The High Beta-oxidation = More Ketone Production. 5. Maximizes benefits from a Ketogenic diet. 6. Can be used by all consumers, include vegans and vegetarians.

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