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Calcium Carbonate Dietary Supplement | Huber Engineered Materials

Calcium Carbonate Dietary Supplement

Calcium Dietary Supplements Looking for just the right product for your next dietary supplement formulation? We think our HuberCal® line of calcium carbonate products for nutritional supplements is more than worthy of consideration. Huber’s naturally-mined calcium carbonate (typically >99% calcium carbonate), marketed under the HuberCal® brand, is naturally low in lead (Prop 65 levels) and manufactured under strict cGMP standards. Huber also has experience in formulating a binder system in powder blends to make compressible powders (which are essential to the tableting process). Because of these qualities, requirements of calcium carbonate for dietary supplement manufacturers naturally leads to incorporation of HuberCal products in formulations. Huber Health & Nutrition is also aware of the sensory qualities of HuberCal and the effect on oral dosage forms of vitamins and supplements. Huber has engineered and improved sensory characteristics specifically in chewable tablets. Huber’s unique granulation technology, based on a continuous and customizable process, achieves consistent large production runs of specialized products. Huber provides this all under one roof enabling low cost, reliable and consistent product.

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