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CAMAG® AMD 2 System Automated Multiple Development

The AMD 2 is a software-controlled HPTLC chamber for gradient development. It is used for difficult separation problems that cannot be solved by isocratic HPTLC.

The separation of complex samples is a challenging task for every chromatographic system, particularly when the sample components span a wide polarity range. The AMD procedure offers an excellent solution as it allows stepwise gradient elution over increasing separation distances. As a result acids, bases, neutral, hydrophilic, and lipophilic substances can be separated in a single AMD run. This makes AMD suitable for a variety of applications. The technique is frequently used in lipid analysis and in routine analysis of drinking water. Pigment formulations with a complex composition, resins as well as additives of mineral oil products are other typical applications of AMD analysis.

Key Features

Multiple development

Stepwise gradient elution over increasing separation distances

Enhanced separation capacity

HPTLC glass plates (20 x 10 cm), only

Software-controlled with visionCATS

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