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If you want to provide best in class products that put you in the forefront of the genomic revolution, Canomiks will help you differentiate by developing sophisticated, science based products for your health conscious customer

1. GeneTune® for Formulation Design: GeneTune® can be used to design new multi-herbal, multi-vitamin formulations or to repurpose your existing formulations to support the management of chronic conditions and maintain well-being.

2. Genomics Analysis of Formulations: We can conduct analysis of your proprietary formulations and ingredients to help you understand effects of your products on human genes. This analysis will help you identify new indications or help you support your existing claims.

3. GeneTune® Certification of Ingredients: COMING SOON! We can also verify the biological effect of your ingredients and help you standardize and benchmark your ingredients so you don't have to worry about change in effect from one batch to the other, change in effect when you change your supplier, or change in effect when you change extraction methods of your ingredients.

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