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PureNSM has expertise in Capsules, Tablets, Liquid, and Powder.

PureNSM primary capability is to encapsulate powder into capsules without the use of magnesium stearate, dioxides and other excipients people have concerns about. If we use excipients they will either be listed in “Other Ingredients” as Rice Flour, Rice Extract Blend or Rice Concentrate. 

We encapsulate in the following size capsules:
“000”, “00”, “00EL”, “0”, “0EL”, “1”, “2”, “3”, “4”

Oil in Capsules:
Note: We are estimating that by December 2017 we will be filling oil into capsules!
Please make a note of it. We will be able to mix your active ingredients into the oil of your choice and encapsulate.

PureNSM expertise in tableting revolves around chewable and sublingual formulations without the use of the typical excipients the industry has become accustomed to. Contact us for your chewable and sublinguals and discover how we can upgrade your product or formulate your brand new item. Please contact us for details.

PureNSM has an extensive experience with formulating and bottling liquids. Our prime capability and the lowest price point is formulating and filling 1oz and 2oz bottles with pumps. We can, however, fill any size and kind of bottles. Contact us for details. 

Our expert chemist invented a way to cut all preservatives out of liquid nutritional formulas by cutting all water out. This results in liquid nutrition that keeps without preservatives. Our liquid formulas taste wonderful and include raw materials such as: Monk Fruit Powder, Silica, Virgin Cold Pressed Olive Oil, Vitamin E Tocopherol, Natural Sunflower, Oil Soluble Vitamin C, Coconut Monolaurin, Quillaja and Natural Flavors.

PureNSM has an expertise in filling both smaller jars and sachets with powder. We have a 5000-liter blender on location and use extensive GMP compliant blending protocols. Our sachets filling equipment creates a 3-way sealed sachets. Our powder filler that fills jars has a special auger that enables us to work with powder that either does not contain any flow agents or minimal amount of natural flow agents that is declared on the label as Rice Extract Blend or Rice Concentrate.

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