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CurQfen® | Nutraceutical Health Supplement Manufacturer | Spiceuticals® for Nutraceuticals


Capsifen® - Designed and tailored to meet the challenges associated with the handling, safety and consumption of pungent capsaicinoids without compromising its physiological benefits. Capsifen® is the pure hydro-ethanolic extract of red chili peppers, formulated in the beadlet form, employing soluble dietary fiber (Galactomannans) isolated from the spice, Fenugreek (Trigonella foenum gracum). A patent pending technology was for the uniform impregnation of capsaicinoids in beadlet forms. The slow delivery of the actives in colloidal forms helps the better absorption into the blood stream. The beadlets masks the pungency effectively and helps the easy handling without any discomforts to the skin and respiratory tract. Capsifen® the unique, sugar and gelatin free, commercially available standardized capsaicinoid beadlets works on a novel principle substantiated by in vitro/in vivo studies on delivery kinetics. At suitable concentrations for 50 to 100 mg dosage daily.