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OmniActive Health Technologies Inc. | Capsimax

Award-­winning Capsimax Capsicum Extract provides the benefits of red hot peppers without the burn

Proprietary Capsimax Capsicum Extract employs OmniBead Beadlet Technology – a patented “smart” coating system that encapsulates the beneficial heat of concentrated, highly active, natural capsicum to deliver effective levels of capsaicinoids without the oral and gastric burning sensation of unprotected red hot peppers.

Capsaicinoids – A naturally functional ingredient for healthy weight management

Capsaicinoids are the bioactive and pungent principles in red hot pepper. Over 90 human clinical studies with more than 1000 subjects of varying ages, body weights and populations have studied the naturally functional properties of capsaicinoids and draw the same conclusion - when used alone and/or in combination with other ingredients capsaicinoids support healthy weight management.1 However, to gain the benefits associated with capsaicinoids from food alone one would need to ingest 10 grams of red hot peppers every day.

1. Whiting et al. Appetite, 2012

Capsaicinoids are natural but they’re hot…too hot to handle

Capsaicinoids are hot and consuming 10 g daily for their health benefits can severely irritate the GI tract. Unprotected capsicum extract is also difficult to handle in formulations and production, as airborne particles can irritate of the eyes, skin and respiratory system and may lead to cross-contamination during the formulating and manufacturing processes.

The solution is Capsimax

Get all the weight management benefits of capsaicinoids without the burn. Just 2 mg of capsaicinoids from 100 mg of clinically-studied Capsimax delivers benefits such as helping to promote lipolysis and supporting the mobilization of fats for energy production.2

2. Bloomer et al. Lipids Hlth Dis, 2010.

Capsimax Capsicum Extract is:

  • Naturally derived from food
  • Safe, efficacious and tolerable
  • Well ­researched with proven market success
  • Adaptable to a wide range of weight management, sports nutrition and healthy lifestyle formulas using tablets, capsules and beverage applications
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