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Capsule Filling Machines

Capsule Filling Machines

Used primarily in the pharmaceutical and nutraceutical industries, capsule filling machines are designed to increase production rates and decrease the time required to get product to market. Federal Equipment Company offers a variety of capsule filler machines and encapsulation machinery from industry-leading manufacturers such as Bosch, Capsugel, IMA, and MG2. Our used capsule filling machines can fill hard or soft gelatin capsules with liquid, powder, pellets, tablets, microtablets, or gelatins depending on your needs.

We carry everything from manual capsule filling machines to automatic capsule feeding systems. All of our capsule filler machines vary in the rate of capsules being filled and their output. Many of our machines come with powder and capsule hoppers and vacuum and pump controls. Most have a stainless steel base with varying size capabilities, and some are rated as high as up to 200,000 capsules per hour.

Federal Equipment Company also carries everything you need to complete the capsule filling process from capsule checkweighers to ensure capsule weight is precise, capsule polishers to give hard gelatin capsules a clean and bright look, and a variety of capsule tooling parts to replace any parts you may need.

Call us today for help finding the right capsule filling machine to meet your needs, or get started online by registering. Once you are a registered member of our site, you can request a quote, make an offer, or purchase products directly.

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