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Capsule Manufacturer - GFR Pharma

Capsule Manufacturer

Capsule Manufacturer GFR Pharma’s encapsulating machines have the capacity to produce over a million capsules per day in a variety of sizes. The wide variety of machine sizes means GFR Pharma can produce small and large runs of capsule supplements. Manufacturing High Quality Capsules There are several quality assurance and control measures in place to minimize waste and ensure a consistently pure product. We purchase the empty capsules from trusted suppliers who have a record of proven quality. We keep in mind each ingredient’s flow properties for a smooth capsule filling process and our extensively trained staff monitors the automatic manufacturing process and keeps an eye out for common capsule issues like cracks or dimples. Types of Capsules Available Various sizes available (1, 0, 0E, 00, 00E)* Standard Gelatin Capsule Manufacturer Gelatin Capsules Vegetarian Capsule Vegetarian Capsules Coloured Capsules* Coloured Capsules* Branded Capsules* Branded Capsules* Delayed Release Capsules Delayed Release Capsules*

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