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JW Nutritional provides superior supplement and ingredient encapsulation services at an affordable price point. Our Research and Development team has years of experience in enhancing and reworking formulas for use in capsule delivered supplements to provide the highest quality finished product possible. 

We will utilize cutting edge manufacturing equipment to ensure your product consistently meets quality standards expected by both consumers and regulatory agencies. For most capsule orders, we will use our medium mixer to perfectly blend ingredients to prepare for encapsulation. Once the ingredients have been properly blended we will utilize one of our encapsulation machines to produce between 700 and 2000 capsules per minute, depending on the order size.


We can currently manufacture capsules in size 00, 0, and 1, but we can certainly accommodate you if your product has any other size requirements. We have dozens of capsules in varying types, colors, and sizes in stock so we can provide you with a plethora of options at an affordable price. Capsule types include:


Bovine/Porcine gelatin is produced by the partial hydrolysis of collagen extracted from both domesticated cattle and pigs. These gelatin capsules are BSE free and carry no risk of mad cow disease transmission. Because dietary restrictions are not considered with these capsules, they are a more affordable option for encapsulation.


Bovine gelatin is produced by the partial hydrolysis of collagen extracted from domesticated cattle. These 100% bovine gelatin capsules are also BSE free and carry no risk of mad cow disease transmission. Because these capsules contain no porcine-derived ingredients they are considered halal compliant.


Vcaps® are a relatively new alternative to animal-based gelatin capsules that have dominated the market. Composed of inert vegetable cellulose, these capsules meet vegetarian standards. This means that the average fillers and binders used in the tableting process can be avoided.


Vcaps® Plus capsules are created without the use of a gelling agent or gelling promotion agent that can interact with the dissolution of the capsule. These capsules were created to reduce variability experienced with changes in pH value or capsule dissolution. Because they are still a vegetable cellulose base, they still meet vegetarian standards.


DRcaps™ are designed to protect encapsulated ingredients from stomach acid for dissolution in the small intestine. This capsule can help reduce the costs associated with adding other acid-resistant coatings during the manufacturing process. These capsules are also certified vegan, non-GMO, vegetarian, halal and kosher.

JW Nutritional can manufacture your capsules with a wide variety of capsule options, color options and dietary options. With the inclusion of our complete packaging solutions, clients can receive a complete product that is ready for order fulfillment. If you are interested in the tablet manufacturing services we offer, please contact us today!

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