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Carablend™ Toffee Cooker | Baker Perkins

Carablend™ Toffee Cooker

Carablend™ Toffee Cooker detail image row-1 detail image row-2 detail image row-3 1 2 3 Benefits The Carablend™ is a horizontally-mounted scraped surface heat exchanger. The scraper has a variable speed drive to vary throughput, and has a forward and backward moving design which ensures thorough mixing. It is manufactured to meet international pressure vessel regulations. Versatile product range The modular design of Baker Perkins' toffee and caramel cooking plants provides a broad choice of process options and outputs. A system can be specified to replicate the appeal of traditional toffee at low to medium outputs, or to provide excellent quality at high outputs. Toffee recipes and ingredients can vary widely, from budget to premier quality with high proportions of fat and milk. Systems can be specified to handle all recipes, with a wide range of cooling temperatures and caramelization times. Supplementary ingredients such as butter, fondant, nuts and flavourings are easily added.