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Caralac Caramelized Dairy Powders - Lactalis Ingredients

Caralac Caramelized Dairy Powders

All natural caramelized dairy powders which exist under different versions; whey powder, demineralized whey powder, skimmed milk powder and whole milk powder. Depending on the raw materials used and playing with the maillard reaction it provides a wide range of flavors from natural caramel, toffee, sweetened condenser milk to biscuit.

Labeled: whey powder | demineralized whey powder | skimmed milk powder | whole milk powder

40 % lactose

25 % protein

26 % fat

6.5 % minerals

3 % moisture

Looking for Differentiation?

  • Bring unique flavors just simply using dairy ingredients: caramel, toffee, sweetened condense milk, biscuit.
  • Reach cleaner label : develop new flavors with less ingredients

Optimizing your formulas?

  • Reduce the costs of your formula replacing high costs dairy solids
  • Decrease the use of certains ingredients


  • 1. Clean Label

100% dairy | no additives, flavors & preservative

  • 2. Unique Taste

Specific process managing maillard reaction | Bring differentiated flavors (caramel, toffee, sweetened condensed milk, biscuit)

  • 3. Formula Optimization

Replace high cost dairy ingredients | Help reduce the use of other ingredients


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