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Carrageenan_Qingdao Gather Great Ocean Algae Industry Group Co., Ltd. (GGOG)


Carrageenan, also known as Eucheuma plastic, stone cauliflower, carageenan, carrageenan, because carrageenan is from Eucheuma, seaweed, carrageenan and other red algae seaweed extracted from the hydrophilic colloid. Carrageenan has many physicochemical properties such as hydrophilic colloid, gel, thickening, emulsification, film formation and stable dispersion. It can be used as a gelling agent, emulsifier, thickener or suspending agent for stabilizing emulsion, controlling Liquid shrinkage, forming, cementing and dispersing, etc. In addition, the safe and non-toxic properties of carrageenan have been confirmed by the Joint FAO / WHO Expert Committee on Food Additives (JECFA). All these make the carrageenan industry develop rapidly and extensively Used in food industry, chemical industry and biochemistry, medical research and other fields.