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β-ImmuneShield-85D™ (beta glucan 1,3 D)

β-ImmuneShield-85D™ is made up of beta gluten 1,3 D, which helps boost the immune system in a safe but effective way. Although beta glucan 1,3 D can have several sources, the physiological function and efficacy differ based on its origins. β-ImmuneShield-85D™ is sourced from Euglena gracilis and has a higher efficacy due to its molecular properties of a 1,3 glycosidic link in the backbone. The less effective 1,6 beta D gluten has a compromised potency typical of competitor products. 

β-ImmuneShield-85D™ uses the highest quality material to maximize health benefits. Vesta’s proprietary manufacturing techniques provide the following: 

  • only beta gluten from algae and non-GMO
  • extracted from beta glucan 1,3 D with the highest purity
  • high-quality beta glucan 1,3 D chains
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