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Ceremonial Grade Matcha | AOI Tea Company

Ceremonial Grade Matcha

The AOI Tea Company’s ceremonial grade matcha green tea is some of the finest green tea in the world and a very healthy way to consume matcha green tea. Primarily associated with the Japanese Tea Ceremony or Chanoyu, ceremonial matcha grade green tea has been consumed for hundreds of years because of it’s great taste and numerous health benefits. AOI’s ceremonial matcha is grown in Japan in the Aichi prefecture. Prior to the harvest of matcha, the tea plants are shaded to bring out brightness and sweetness not associated with other green teas. The leaves are then harvested and processed, and AOI’s ceremonial matcha tea is ground down to powder. Today, matcha is still used in the Japanese Tea Ceremony, but also in a variety of other manners. Ceremonial matcha is used in cakes, pies and ice cream, as an ingredient in baked goods and entrees and it is especially popular in lattes and smoothies. Getting a regular intake of the antioxidants from matcha green tea may also help with a healthy body, through lowering cholesterol and blood pressure. Check out some great Matcha Recipes that can made with ceremonial grade matcha green tea.

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