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Certification Programs

Pro-Cert provides professional organic certification services to the following Standards/Regulations:

  1. The Canadian Organic Standard (CAN/CGSB - 32.310 and 32.311) and Organic Products Regulation (OPR)
  2. Equivalency to the European Organic Program
  3. The USDA National Organic Program (NOP)
  4. The Quebec Organic Program (CARTV)
  5. Japanese Agricultural Standard (JAS via CERES)
  6. BIOSUISSE (Switzerland) - Data collection only
  7. Brazil Organic Program (via IBD)

The above programs provide global access for Pro-Cert clients.  Unregulated countries accept these programs and arrangements for organic status.

Scope of Operations

Pro-Cert provides third-party certification of organic food and fibre quality to all sectors of the organic industry. The Current Official scope of accreditation designated by the Standards Council of Canada includes:

1. Certification of producers, processors, handlers and traders of organic food, feed and fibre, in the following areas:

  • Grain and Forage Crops
  • Livestock, Dairy and Poultry
  • Horticultural Crops
  • Wild Crops
  • Aquatic Crops
  • Silviculture Crops
  • Aquatic Plants and Animals

2. Certification of organic products derived from the above through organic food, feed and fibre processing techniques as defined by the suppliers which include:

Body care products (cosmetics)


3. Certification of organic production inputs and organic processing ingredients.

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