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Mantrose-Haeuser Certiseal®  Aqueous Coatings

Certiseal® Aqueous Coatings

Certiseal® Aqueous Coatings

A family of high performance and economical aqueous

coating systems for the nutritional supplement & pharmaceutical industries

The Certiseal Series products are formulated with 100% GRAS ingredients,

incorporating a natural film forming resin. This product line provides improved

dissolution and disintegration, offering an attractive glossy appearance and

excellent adhesion and barrier properties.

These products are stable robust coating systems, designed for use on tablets

and soft gelatin capsules and in granulations. They are superior alternatives to

synthetic and solvent-based systems. The Certiseal coatings are fully supported

by Mantrose-Haeuser’s world class technical team.

Features & Benefits:

• FDA approved

• Kosher certified

• Microbial stability

• Taste & odor masking

• Excellent seal coating

• Fast film build rate

• Provides protection

from environmental conditions

• Compatible with other coating

polymers to achieve immediate

or controlled release

Additional Information:

• FC 300A - Immediate release

• A - 100 - Delayed release

• A - 200 - Delayed release

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