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novotech nutraceuticals


Made in the USA

Custom formulation is available. Percentages and formulations not specified on product list typically have a minimum order of 200 kg.

NovoMin® Chelated Minerals

  • Boron(B)*AAC *Aspartate *Citrate *Gluconate *Glycinate *Picolinate
  • Calcium(Ca)*Amino Acid Chelate *Ascorbate *Citrate *Gluconate *Glycinate
  • Chromium(Cr)*Amino Acid Chelate *Nicotinate *Picolinate
  • Cobalt(Co)*Amino Acid Chelate
  • Copper(Cu)*Amino Acid Chelate *Gluconate *Glycinate
  • Iron(Fe)*Amino Acid Chelate *Citrate *Fumarate *Gluconate
  • Magnesium(Mg)*Amino Acid Chelate *Ascorbate *Aspartate *Citrate *Citrate Granular Anhydrous*Gluconate *Glycinate *Malate *Taurate
  • Manganese(Mn)*Amino Acid Chelate *Ascorbate *Citrate *Gluconate *Glycinate
  • Molybdenum(Mo)*AAC *Citrate *Glycinate
  • Potassium(K)*AAC *Gluconate *Aspartate
  • Selenium(Se)*AAC *Citrate
  • Vanadium(V)*Amino Acid Chelate
  • Zinc(Zn)*Amino Acid Chelate *Ascorbate *Aspartate *Citrate *Gluconate *Glycinate *Methionate *Picolinate
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