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Business Fields

• Petrochemicals & basic polymer
Olefins, aromatics, styrene monomer, polyester materials, polyolefins, PET, phenol, etc.

• Chlor-alkali
Industrial salt, vinyl chloride materials, vinyl chloride resins, caustic soda, urethane materials, etc.

• Methanol
Methanol, acetic acid, etc.

• Performance materials
Automobile parts and components made from plastics and synthetic rubber, engineering plastics, silicon resins, titanium oxide, etc.

• Agricultural chemicals
Agrochemicals, fertilizers and fertilizer raw materials such as phosphate rock, potassium, sulfur and ammonia.

• Advanced materials
FPD (flat panel display) materials, semiconductor materials, materials for printed circuit boards, SCM and EMS solutions business, etc.


Major Activities

Mitsui USA specializes in a broad range of chemical product chains, from upstream, such as basic raw materials associated with petrochemicals, to mid-stream product categories, including plastics, inorganic chemicals, agricultural chemicals and specialty chemicals. We engage in domestic/international trade and logistical services for these chemicals as well as investments in areas like chemical tank terminals, feed additives, fertilizers, crop protection, plastics and photovoltaics.

With strong capabilities in import-export logistics in the U.S., the Americas, Japan and Asia, and with further reach through Mitsui's global network and business expertise, Mitsui USA is a global player in the sourcing of olefins, aromatics, chlor-alkali products, urethane materials, food ingredients, oleo chemicals, fertilizers, crop protection chemicals, a full range of plastic materials, and inorganic products.

With rapid progress in the shale gas industry in the U.S., Mitsui USA is developing new projects in this field, including the production of methanol and olefins derived from competitive feedstock.
We also target investment opportunities in bio-based chemicals in the Americas using corn or sugarcane as raw materials.

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