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The Chinese EPA8/DHA70 - Jiangsu only thinks of the Kang food technological progress Limited company

The Chinese EPA8/DHA70

Effect: Reversal atherosclerosis slows down the ossein outflow osteoporosis to be possible to reduce suffers from heart disease and diabetes' risk, prevents the heart attack and heart disease, reduces hypertension, the minimum early morning is stiff is contracting rheumatic arthritis (RA), reduces the menstruation ache, enhances the attention to have the child hyperactive, to reduce the stroke the danger, reverses atherosclerosis, slows down the ossein outflow osteoporosis patient, slows down the kidney function to lose, improves a person's despondance, enhances the losing weight efficiency, reduces the endometrium cancer morbidity risk the woman, reduces the risk to suffer from the age relevant ophthalmopathy, lowers the high cholesterol, improves asthma's symptom.

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