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Chocamine® | RFI Ingredients


People the world over have a love/hate relationship with chocolate… We crave the taste and aroma of chocolate and love the physical and mental boost it provides. We also love the recent scientific and media attention regarding chocolate’s health benefits. While there is so much to love about chocolate, we hate the sugar, fat, dairy and guilt that comes with eating it! Isolate the Health Benefits of Chocolate Chocamine® is a patented cocoa-based ingredient that delivers the best of chocolate—its taste, aroma and health benefits—without the guilt, sugar, fat and dairy. The health benefits of chocolate come from a variety of constituents, all of which are retained in Chocamine®: theobromine (standardized) amino acids nutritious minerals biogenic amines anandamides polyphenols. Caffeine-Free Energy In addition to chocolate, we also have a love/hate relationship with caffeine. We love the instant energy and cognitive boost, but hate the jitters, stomachaches, sleep problems and dependency issues that come with it. The energy from theobromine differs from caffeine. Theobromine, the energizing compound found naturally in cocoa, offers a nourishing energy boost that is more sustained than the crash-and-burn energy from caffeine. Both caffeine and theobromine are xanthine alkaloids, but the similarities end there. Theobromine has a milder stimulant effect, resulting in jitter-free energy.

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