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Chocolate | Organic, Non-GMO, Kosher

The process of transforming the cacao bean into mouth-watering chocolate is as much a blend of art and science as coaxing a ripe, flavorful bean out of Mother Nature. Because of this, we source only the finest chocolates from the longtime trusted Cargill.

Cargill supplies Gillco with a high-quality chocolate portfolio featuring four distinct brands, Peter's®, Ambrosia®, Wilbur®, and Merckens®. With such a collection, exemplary chocolate products can be customized for a variety of applications including confectionery, bakery, dairy, beverage, and more.

Chocolate comes in a range of forms, we offer everything from drops, chunks, chocolate coatings, compound coatings and compound drops. We also offer semi-sweet, milk, dark and white chocolate varieties. With these options, we can help you find the chocolate that will provide just the right flavor impact, color and functionality you’re looking for.

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