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Cinnamon Powder

Cinnamon Powder

OurOrganic Cinnamon Powderis made by organically processing and drying the Organic Cylon Cinnamon Bark , also known as Real Cinnamon as per USDA Organic Standards of NOP and India Organic NPOP.Organic Cinnamon Powderis made by careful processing, drying, pulverizing and sieving the 100% Organic Powder. Its free from any time of pesticides residue or chemical substance.

OurOrganic Cinnamon Powdercan be used for making Cinnamon Bakes, Cookies, Cinnamon Bread, Churros, and various other food items. Its savoury taste makes it one of the most used spice in the all cuisines. 

It is also the most suitable quality for various health product formulation as per Ayurveda. Its richness in antioxidants makes it one of the best supplement for weight loss. We are among the most prominent supplier and exporter of CertifiedOrganic Cinnamon Powderand other related products.

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