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The whole cinnamon found in most cinnamon supplements is just ground-up cinnamon bark, and so is the cinnamon in most kitchen spice racks.

Whole cinnamon contains everything in the cinnamon plant, including water-soluble compounds and fat-soluble compounds in varying amounts.

Research has shown that cinnamon’s water-soluble compounds can be beneficial, but the fat-soluble compounds are generally not. These fat-soluble compounds may even be harmful long-term when ingested in amounts that far exceed what is used for flavoring.

CinSulin is a water extract of cinnamon. Through the patented water extraction process, the beneficial water-soluble compounds are concentrated and the unwanted fat-soluble compounds are reduced. Water extraction also reduces the amount of coumarin in CinSulin.

CinSulin is extracted from Cinnamomum Burmannii, standardized to not less than 3% Type-A Polymers.

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