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Citrate ester plasticizer

Citrate ester series products Citrate ester plasticizer, one of the safest plasticizers nowadays, is drawing a wide attention for its excellent compatibility, high plastifying performance, nontoxicity , antibacterial property, non-volatility, and strong weatherability, being the priority green alternative to phthalic acid esters. As citrate ester maintains deflectivity even in cold areas , does not change color due to its optimal thermal stability when sealed(light, heat, and water proof), and presents good compatibility with cellulose, PVC and polyvinyl acetate materials, the products added with citrate ester is particularly a good packaging material for foods and pharmaceuticals as well as a good choice for plasma bag, and disposable iv lines for its nontoxicity and durability. ER-KANG invested on Wangkang Biochemical Ltd in Cambodia and established a citric acid products manufacturing base there by technically upgrading the manufacturing facilities and existing production technology of Hunan Dongting Citrate

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