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Citrus PMF-source®, Eriocitrin, Limonoids | Source One Global Partners

Citrus PMF-source®, Eriocitrin, Limonoids

Citrus PMF-source®, Eriocitrin, Limonoids Flavonoids are natural polyphenolic compounds found in a wide variety of fruits and vegetables. A subset of flavonoids known as polymethoxylated flavones ( PMF) have been shown to possess especially potent cardioprotective benefits. Polymethoxylated flavones—flavonoid compounds derived from the peels of oranges, tangerines, and other citrus fruits—are highly methoxylated and contain biologically active molecules with unique metabolic properties. Two of the most-researched polymethoxylated flavones are nobiletin and tangeretin. Limonoids are powerful phytochemicals abundant in citrus fruit. Eriocitrin (eriodictyol 7-O-β-rutinoside), a flavonoid glycoside, is the key flavonoid in lemon fruit (citrus limon). Eriocitrin is very elusive and is the most soluble of all flavonoids. “Formalizing our exclusive partnership with Ingredients By Nature continues to allow SourceOne to offer superior citrus PMFs, limonoids, and eriocitrin with the reliability our customers have come to expect. Their technologically advanced extraction, processing, purification and testing processes result in the purest, highest quality, most bio-active citrus extracts available” – Jesse Lopez, CEO and founder of SourceOne

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