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Atlantia Food Clinical Trials combines the world-class expertise of the renowned research institute APC Microbiome Institute in gastrointestinal health and probiotic research and its background in conventional drug discovery and development, with Atlantia’s experience in conducting human dietary intervention studies, food clinical trials, clinical trials for sports performance , research on muscle composition for sports and health claim validation.

This provides Atlantia Food Clinical Trials with an outstanding foundation to deliver the scientific support required for health claim selection, definition and substantiation for functional food products in the range of health areas described here. In addition to these areas we have experience in areas such as hair loss, urinary tract infections, so if your area of interest is not listed here, please contact us to establish if we have expertise in that area.

We also have alliances that will permit us to produce many formulations, if you do not have manufacturing capabilities in house.

Atlantia can also provide expertise in the area of nutritional health, by looking at aspects such as acute uptake of specific functional components, as well as the chronic effects of ingestion over time.

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