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Clinical Trials | SEIPEL GROUP

Clinical Trials Research

Clinical Trials Research has been the foundation of the 20-year evolution of Urox and Seipel Group culminating with the latest randomized, placebo-controlled clinical study published January 2018: 1999 First formulation launched in Australia 2002 Steels et al, ACJ 2002. Pilot, Crateva and horsetail to improve bladder control . 2004 Formulation changes to improve effectiveness. 2006 Schauss et al, FASEB. RDBPCT, 120 participants, shows Crateva and horsetail combination, UroLogic improves symptoms of urinary frequency, incontinence, urgency and nocturia. 2010 Formulation modified to produce faster effects (within 1 month versus 3) with lower dosage (reduced to 2 capsules daily, previously 4/day) 2011 Seipel et al, unpublished pilot trials. Urox reduces symptoms of overactive bladder and urinary incontinence. 2012 Seipel et al, unpublished trials. Urox with added Lindera aggregata produces faster results and within a shorter timeframe than Crateva and horsetail alone. 2018 Schoendorfer et al, Urox RDBPCT, 150 participants. Urox reduced day frequency, nocturia, urgency and urge and stress incontinence. Results occurred within 2 to 4 weeks.

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